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The need for telematics devices become ever increasing in every progressing economy. Nigeria among the list of progressing economy is not left behind. And as such the demand for data accuracy, security of asset and other valuable properties will increase.

Just like other developed countries which have come to terms with the importance of asset security/ asset location reporting, Nigeria is joining the league of these developed countries to embrace the importance of asset security.

This creates a wide and untapped market looking for investors/partners to profit from. Though there are some key players in the Nigerian telematics space who are already benefiting from the profit that these market create, but that’s nothing compared to satisfying the actual market demand in this space.

There are several opportunities that abound within the Nigerian telematics space because both individuals and businesses continue to seek for quality and advanced solution providers in terms of telematics (car tracking/ car security device, fuel management and driver monitoring systems).

We believe, quality telematics solution providers (manufacturers) with good partnership from a local telematics service provider can profit from the huge market demand in the Nigerian telematics space.

We are open to providing you relevant information concerning Nigerian telematics space and also to discuss any form of partnership with any quality telematics provider.