Fuel Monitoring System

Saving fuel is one of the big challenges that fleet manager are faced with in everyday operations. Therefore understanding how your fleet of trucks or cars consumes fuel allows you to determine where there are efficiencies and inefficiencies because inefficient fuel consumption can have a negative impact on the productivity of a business which can gradually lead to crippling of any business activity.

Imagine a situation where fuel consumption accounts for 20-30% of a company’s total expenditure one can say that the figure is arguably alarming and if steps are not taken to cut down on the fuel consumption, then fuel consumption will gradually increase over time to an unimaginable percentage as have been reported by some companies in the past. That’s why monitoring fuel consumption is very important for any business.

With our diesel/ fuel tank level monitoring, we deliver a whole fuel monitoring system that notifies fleet managers about fuel stealing as soon as the fuel level is reduced within the tanker.

The fuel theft prevention system observes even the slightest change in fuel level and sends this report to the system.

Our fuel level monitoring system is equipped with GPS device which is not limited in showing the fuel level only but also shows the location and time at which the change in fuel level occurred.

Application of Fuel tank level Monitoring:

  • Fuel tank monitoring
  • Oil tank monitoring
  • Diesel tank monitoring
  • Generator tank monitoring
  • Bus tank monitoring
  • Mining equipment tank monitoring
  • Sea vessel tank monitoring

Types of Fuel Level Sensor:

There are two types of fuel level sensor

  • Capacitive fuel level sensor: this requires drilling a hole in the tank and installing the fuel sensor.
  • Ultrasonic fuel level sensor: this does not require hole drilling. The sensor is attached to the tank with an adhesive and a hose clip.

How It Works:

The fuel level sensor is fixed onto the tank of the fleet whose fuel consumption is to be monitored. Then the sensor is calibrated according to the size of the tank. The fuel sensor starts working immediately after calibration and connection is made. It sends report to the host server which is used to analyses the fuel level.

The fuel monitoring system does not affect any other function of the vehicle but instead it monitors only the quantity of fuel been consumed.

This simple system works in an organized form thereby helping the fleet manager understand the usage of fuel as they are been consumed.

Benefits Of Fuel Tank Monitoring System:

  • Permanent and accurate measurement of the fuel level in tanks: You will get detailed and accurate information about all tank fueling and draining operations as our system have an accuracy level of 95.5%.
  • Reduce human resource requirement: Since the system is automated, there will be no need for manually assigning people to monitor the tank
  • ​Prevents fraud, draining and unauthorized use of fuel: By detecting all fuel level changes, you can compare real fueling volumes with the ones reported in fuel cost notes; and prevent unauthorized fuel use.
  • Keep cost low: Excessive and undue fueling will stop which will also keep the company’s total fueling cost low.
  • Detect fueling in unauthorized gas stations: You can detect when the vehicle is refueled in a gas station that you want to ban from your operations.
  • Trace leaks in real time: Leaks in tank can be detected early enough.
  • Cost effective solution with high ROI: Investment in tank level monitoring system will pay back in weeks.

Features Of Diesel/ Fuel Tank Level Monitoring System:

  1. Easy to install and operate: we will personalize the solution for you which ultimately makes it easy to use and control
  2. Shows the tank level at a glance: all information which you need to see will be readily available in the software dashboard.
  3. Real time alerts: you will get instant notification once the fuel change goes beyond your set limit.
  4. Works with all types of fluid: our solution works with all types of fluid, water, fuel, diesel, or any other liquid we will be glad to assist you setup.
  5. Usage history and advanced data analytics: fuel usage history is readily available which can also help you to predict future demand.
  6. Geo-fencing: You will be able to monitor when a tanker enters or leaves a particular defined area.

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