Welcome to Auto Pickz Tracker

This is going to be an introductory post for us Auto Pickz Tracker.

The issue of growing car theft has suddenly become a concern for everybody to worry about. Any country with a fast growing economy such as Nigeria, India, South Africa, etc will experience the rise in the purchase of assets such as vehicles which include trucks, cars, buses, keke napep, etc. And as you know that increase in the purchase of vehicular asset will also give rise to increase in theft activities of these assets.

Over the news on our national dailies, we hear issues of car snatching every now and then. Yes the local authorities are doing their best once it comes to security of lives and properties. But you will also agree with me that these car snatchers have also advanced in their techniques and skills to perpetrate crime. Some of them are so swift in the act while some of them use sophisticated fire arm weapon to carry out their operations.

Record has it that once these assets are stolen especially vehicular assets, which were not able to be recovered under 72 hours then the chances of recovering the vehicle will be very slim or even practically impossible because at this point the vehicle may have crossed the boarder over to the nearest country or they may hide the vehicle in an off target area waiting to refurbish the vehicle so that it can be sold with a different color and chassis number. Or they may have hidden the car in an off target point while waiting to pieces the vehicle and sell the parts in bits.

All these are some of the process a stolen vehicle may have to go through in order to successfully complete the snatching cycle.

Therefore if the local authorities dont act fast under the space of 72 hours, then an individual whose car was snatched may be at the verge of kissing his vehicle an untimely good bye (individual may find it difficult to recover their vehicle).



What We Do

So to extend the 72 hours lifeline, a team of ICT and technical professionals came on board with a mission and a vision to up the game of the local authorities through ICT by installing a car tracking device in every vehicle in Nigeria.

And this has helped even individuals recover their vehicle after days, weeks of vehicle snatching.

We have also given so many cooperate organizations the ability to monitor their assets through installing a tracking device for them.

Remember: our vision is to reduce car theft in Nigeria to the barest minimum through our mission: installing a car tracker in every car in Nigeria.

your asset is recoverable if you have a reliable tracking device installed in it